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Critical Thinking For Leaders

Two-Day Workshop

Thinking Together

In organizations, teamwork means thinking together. Leaders of all types must be able to think clearly and critically and to help others do so. Both team and organizational leaders will benefit from mastering these three areas of leader leverage: personal thinking competence, coaching the thinking of others, and thinking to foster system evolution and change.

Secrets of Success

Larson & LaFasto (TeamWork, Sage 1989) isolated eight factors of collaborative success. Chief among them is a clear, elevating goal. Clear goals don’t come from vague thinking. Building excitement about a goal requires sound reasoning and mastery of the available facts. Successful teams and organizations use data-based decision methods.

Systems Thinking

The quality of organizational thinking is reflected in its systems. This workshop improves an organization’s thinking IQ, providing a framework that optimizes the use of sound judgment. It is the application of sound judgment throughout the organization that is needed to improve both human and technical systems. One way to foster system evolution is the proper handling of today’s issues. Better thinking about present issues leads to better projects, policies, procedures, methods and systems. It is up to the leaders to foster the best possible thinking of their people through the leverage areas available to them.

Workshop Methods

Workshop methods include practice on case studies, skill building exercises, and meeting simulations which all lead to the application of critical thinking methods to the real issues volunteered by workshop participants.


  • Improved leader thinking competence
  • Improved leader coaching skills
  • Improved ability to adopt a proper big picture focus.

This workshop is a specially adapted version of Critical Thinking incorporating leader concepts, exercises and supplemental reading.

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