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About BPI

Introducing Business Processes Inc. (BPI)

Welcome to Business Processes Inc.  We are specialists in critical thinking analysis and facilitation of teams to resolve problems, make decisions and improve systems.

Since 1977 our priority has been practical critical thinking.  At BPI, we specialize in equipping individuals and organizations with the thinking tools they need for intelligent and effective action.

Our thinking tools are immediately applicable to the real world. Participants in our workshops apply our methods during the workshop.  This can repay the cost of the workshop many times over before the workshop ends.  From there, participants and the organization benefit from these job critical skills ever after.  They will benefit from the use of common terminology and a common approach to share whenever collaboration or reporting is needed.

We’ve worked with companies to design and embed critical thinking into their tracking systems to speed awareness and correction of high impact issues.  See an example in this article Problem Resolution System – Case Study

Richard Wells, our product development Vice President and Partner, leads a team of expert consultants and facilitators who work with organizations on urgent issues.  Our teams are available for immediate consultation to speed analysis and action.  We offer team facilitation, consultant taught workshops, coaching, and train-the-trainer certifications of your internal staff.

Here are some comments from our customers old and new: BPI Kudos

A Leading Authority in Critical Thinking

Mr. Wells is not just a vital part of our team; he is the author of the Troubleshooter I Certificate program. With decades of workshops conducted and the facilitations of hundreds of applications to real-life problems, decisions, and plans, he is the driving force behind BPI’s critical thinking products, services and evolution.

Mr. Wells has penned six comprehensive texts and,  drawing inspiration from real-life problem-solving scenarios, he has tailored an impressive collection of 35 different industry case study packages. New case studies and skill-building exercises can be created as needed to assure successful skill development of team leaders and team members.

Mr. Wells is the authority behind our instructor training, facilitator, and coaching workshops, including our  detailed instructor and facilitation guides. He has also been instrumental in creating 11 web-based courses.

A Wealth of Knowledge and Publications

In addition to his workshop and course contributions, Mr. Wells has made significant contributions to the field. He authored a chapter in “Intervention Resource Guide: 50 Performance Improvement Tools,” a publication by Josey-Bass Pfeiffer, titled “Critical Thinking Systems.” Moreover, he is the author of the executive brief “The Right Choice,” available through the publisher Alexander Hamilton Institute of New York and London.

A Distinguished Educational Background

Mr. Wells brings a wealth of knowledge to his role, with a background that includes membership in the Project Management Institute. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics and a Master’s in Educational Psychology. His commitment to ongoing education is evident, with several years of advanced study in Educational Psychology at the University of Michigan.

Your Troubleshooter I Certification Journey

As part of our commitment to your success, Mr. Wells and his team will serve as coaches providing feedback to your internal staff  throughout their learning process via telephone, email, and online using our e-forms.  

At Business Processes Inc. we empower individuals and organizations to excel through practical application of critical thinking. With Mr. Wells and our team by your side, you’re on the path to improving your enterprise and minimizing the time needed to clarify and resolve complex situations, quickly.