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About BPI

We are BPI, Business Processes Inc. Founded in 1977 our specialty has always been critical thinking training – application of thinking to issues of concern through logical, systematic and practical methods. From day one we have always put PRACTICAL as of key importance in our product designs. Our resident critical thinking expert charged with product development is Richard C. Wells, our VP of Research & Development. He has been active with us since 1978.

He is the author of the Troubleshooter I Certificate program. In addition to teaching hundreds of workshops and facilitating thousands of direct applications to the real life problems, decisions and plans of participants, teams and managers, and coaching our team of facilitators, he has authored six texts and designed, tested and perfected all our workshops.

Based upon real life applications he helped resolve, he has tailored 35 different case study packages covering all major industries, writing dozens of new case studies and hundreds of skill building exercises. He designed our instructor training, facilitator and coaching workshops including detailed instructor and facilitation guides. He also has designed and written our 11 web-based courses offering all of our BPI content online for the first time.

In addition to the above workshops and courses, Mr. Wells wrote a chapter in, Intervention Resource Guide: 50 Performance Improvement Tools published by Josey-Bass Pfeiffer, entitled: “Critical Thinking Systems” and he is author of the book The Right Choice sold by Alexander Hamilton Institute of New York and London. He wrote these educational videos: (1) The Fog Of Complexity, (2) Decision Speed As A Strategic Asset, and 24 articles for the BPI Critical Thinking Newsletter available in the Public and Member Only sections of this website.

Mr. Wells is a former member of the Project Management Institute; has a B.S. in Engineering Physics; and a Masters in Educational Psychology; with several years of advanced study in Educational Psychology at the University of Michigan.

Mr. Wells and his team will be the coaches helping all candidates with their Troubleshooter I Certification with emphasis upon application to current job problems.