Fishbone Purgatory

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We received this question from a recent graduate of our Systematic Problem-Solving (SPS) workshop:

“Our organization is a supplier to the U.S. Military. We are required to submit a Fishbone Diagram for problems they and others refer back to us for resolution. We even have whiteboards in our team meeting rooms upon which the Fishbone Diagram is permanently printed to remind us to always use this approach. What do you suggest?”

Endorsements / Kudos

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Blaine Stewart Director,
Process Assurance

Cable Vision of New York

“Last year, I attended a BPI two-day Critical Thinking Workshop (Concern Analysis, Problem Solving, Decision Making and Planning). The curriculum and delivery were superior. We had a gifted facilitator/instructor. My whole team found the class to be enjoyable and educational.

Rx for Six Sigma? Add Critical-Thinking!

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Improve Process Improvement

Six Sigma teams seek to improve organizational processes. But, how can these teams improve their own process – the process they use to think together? One benefit of Critical Thinking training is its practical thinking framework dramatically improves collaboration.

The BPI thinking tools are not limited to specific quality issues. Any issue that arises inside or outside the teams can be addressed using the BPI thinking framework for collaboration.

Troubleshooter I Certificate - DETAILS

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Organizations Want Troubleshooters

I believe you are here reading this because you agree that Troubleshooting can be a key aspect of your own job performance and therefore a factor in your future. Recent articles in the popular media report that employers specifically identify critical thinking and problem solving as highly valued job skills. This is true for all private industries and government, too.

When Communication Is Just Not Enough

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Talking about problems in a responsible and proper manner does not necessarily mean that people are thinking clearly about them. The following report, from one of BPI’s expert facilitators, provides some insights on how critical thinking skills can take us to places that even the best communication methods will fail to reach alone.

Walk the Walk

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“It’s better to know some of the
questions than all of the answers.”
-James Thurber

Coaching, A Key Area Of Leadership

Vision and Leadership

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“Substituting one vague concept for another
leaves you with a vague concept.”
– Robert Fritz

Portions adapted from Corporate Tides, Chapters 13-14, Robert Fritz (© Berrett-Kohler publisher)

Vision & Structural Tension

What is your company, department or unit’s vision? What is the specific goal you are striving to achieve every day?

Time Pressure Decisions!

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When under pressure that you MUST CHOOSE NOW, many situations may look like either: You have NO CHOICE, or your choice is limited to YES or NO. Feeling pressured can interfere with our ability to think well, if at all – blinding us to a broader range of viable alternatives.

Thinking Critically & Happiness

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Want more happiness – think better! The following is an essay based upon concepts from Stumbling On Happiness, the book written by Daniel Gilbert – 2006.

Improve Your Thinking and Become a Happier Person
Want to live a happier, less stressful life? Try improving your critical thinking skills! That’s right – sharpening your ability to think more clearly and effectively can reduce stress and anxiety and make you a happier, more positive person.


The turnaround we made this past year with the BPI tools is our biggest accomplishment. Projects completed, turnaround time, coaching skills, evolution of software, troubleshooter tablets, wall charts and most of all renewed buy-in from employees are among the success elements.

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