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Systematic Project Management

One-Day Workshop

This is both an excellent stand-alone workshop and the perfect prerequisite for specialized project management learning. This workshop teaches how to define, plan and implement projects. Participants learn to break projects down into specific action steps and how to schedule and track the completion of these steps. Included is a project troubleshooting strategy to reduce project risks by targeting high threat potential problems with preventive and contingent actions.

Project management for mere mortals. Now, more than ever, people’s job responsibilities require handling a rolling series of projects. Therefore, more people need project management training. This workshop teaches a simple and clear procedure for individuals and teams to develop a detailed master plan. A good project master plan is needed to integrate project work with other responsibilities.

Software is the last thing you need! The ability to create a good master plan is a critical prerequisite for learning and using any project management software.

The workshop design involves participants with interactive presentations, case study work, and skill building exercises. Each workshop includes ample time for participants to apply these ideas to their own projects.

Because the ancestor of every project is a decision, refer to our Critical Thinking for Leaders or Systematic Decision Making workshops in creating your curriculum.

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