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Systematic Problem Solving

One-Day Workshop

Not enough data? Don’t waste time blaming the lack of information for problem analysis delays and failure. (Of course, if exactly the right information were available then everything would be obvious.) The difference between poor problem analysis and great problem analysis is not missing data but a missing process. What is needed is a process that establishes the problem in factual terms and then leads the way to the next logical step and the next, making proper use of the available information.

Focus? There is often too much information (most of it irrelevant) not too little information. A flood of information can easily overwhelm efforts to make sense of things. But, a good process will provide the focus to determine what is essential and necessary for moving ahead.

Systematic Problem Solving provides a simple powerful thinking process for identifying, selecting, and analyzing problems. The workshop uses instructor-led discussions, team case study practice, skill building worksheets, meeting simulations and application to the real job problems volunteered by participants.

How fast? What can a team accomplish in one hour? A team can make a complete list of specific, factual problems, set their priority, and then determine what analysis is needed for each in approximately 30 minutes. Next, the team can analyze one top priority problem from the list to determine its most likely cause and develop a means to verify the true cause in just 30 additional minutes.

(The process and tools of this workshop are independent but fully compatible with standard quality tools and process improvement methods including: Fishbone Diagram; SPC; DOE; creativity and statistical tools. This process boosts effectiveness of ISO and QS efforts, and interim, corrective and root cause projects of all types.)

This workshop’s content is composed of selected topics from our Critical Thinking two-day workshop.

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