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Systematic Decision Making

One-Day Workshop

Rush to Judgment

Time pressures and habit can lead people to jump past an analysis of a situation directly to taking some action. This jump away from analysis to action is natural. But, it is a very poor strategy. It virtually eliminates the use of reasoned judgment. Training in decision making can bring reason to bear so that proper interim action is taken and a necessary analysis completed to dramatically improve decision quality.

No-Decision, Decision

Knowing when a decision is called for is critical. Is more information needed? What specifically was observed? Does a choice need to be made right now?

Pre-Decision, Decision.

Who to involve in a decision and how best to involve them must be determined over and over again as new decisions present themselves. What factors must be evaluated to make this judgment?

Frame It.

The most important part of decision making is knowing what decision needs to be made. How you frame a decision limits the possible choices that are seriously considered. A poor frame wastes time (too broad) or risks elimination of viable alternatives prior to real evaluation (too narrow- eliminating creativity.)

Designed for Decision Makers

The Systematic Decision Making workshop is designed for anyone involved in making decisions including: leaders, managers, teams and technical experts of all types. Content includes issue identification, setting priority, elements of a decision, and implementing decisions. Workshop design includes instructor presentations, case study practice, skill building exercises, meeting simulations and application to the real job decisions volunteered by participants.

This workshop’s content is composed of selected topics from the Critical Thinking two-day workshop.

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