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Critical Thinking

Better Thinking

This workshop is targeted at both individuals and teams.

People who only receive the usual training in collaboration use outdated techniques  missing the requisite critical thinking skills. Because of this, their own thinking and the outcome of many of their collaborations will take far too long and lead to failures and dead ends.

Symptoms of a need for improved critical thinking include: reports of activity [not results], long issues backlog,  difficulty with or avoidance of complex issues, long meeting times, complaints of lack of progress, frustration trying to influence others.  Soon the team resorts to guessing and voting and skip analysis.   

Typical is not good enough

The tools portion of most team collaboration training includes techniques designed for data gathering, data organizing and creativity. Critical thinking is not mastered.

Critical Thinking

Give people a new and dramatic boost in thinking effectiveness with mastery of BPI’s clear, simple, thinking framework complete with tools that can address any issue.  Learn how teams can converge on the true cause, and then converge on the best decision. During this two-day workshop Critical thinking methods are modeled, practiced, and then applied to the real job issues and projects of participants. These thinking methods work for applications of all types including process improvement, operations problems, people problems, and anytime collaboration and clear thinking are important to resolving an issue.

Tailored case study packages

Tailored case study packages are available from over two dozen industry packages. For example:

  • Manufacturing
  • Utility
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Insurance
  • Automotive
  • Financial
  • Electronics
  • Computer
  • Cable
  • Petroleum
  • Transit
  • Telecom
  • Healthcare

One Day Workshops

Portions of the content selected from Critical Thinking is available in these one-day workshops: