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1. BPI – An Overview (~8′)

Describes our critical thinking framework and shares one sample question from each of our four thinking processes. A list of our standard workshops and web-based course is given along with recommendations for improving several types of organizational initiatives.

2. BPI-Project Management (5′)

Offers a suggested project management curriculum; discusses the role of critical thinking in project management, and recommends specific BPI workshops for different target groups.

3. BPI eLearning and Blended Options (3.23′)

Want a tailored training with follow-up? We have all the key elements of the ideal blended learning solution.

4. BPI Team and Leader Performance (4.30′)

What factors are associated with the highest performing teams? Which are amenable to training? What can training do to create high performing teams?

5. Creating Problem Solving Experts (6.10′)

Critical Thinking training and coaching can significantly improve Greenbelt and Blackbelt performance, one case study.

6. Troubleshooter I Certificate (2.12′)

Reports what skills organizations are begging for and what you can do to make yourself more marketable internally and in the wider job market.

7. College Seniors – Improve Your Prospects (5.55′)

Describes what skills organizations are looking for and how you can stand out as an exceptional new hire candidate with this addition to your job portfolio.