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Troubleshooter I Certificate – DETAILS

CERTIFICATE: The certificate itself has two sides. The back of the certificate outlines the specific and impressive process a candidate completes to earn the certificate and exactly what skills are certified. Also included is a brief description of BPI, our history, a sample of our customers, and a brief synopsis of BPI’s decades of solving problems and tracking root causes in all industries.

Most importantly the process you follow to earn the certificate will make you a better troubleshooter and a clearer thinker.

We held nothing back. We use this same training to get our people up to speed as masters of our troubleshooting process.

So, if you want to:


• Enhance your career (or start a new one),
• Learn the best generic troubleshooting method available, based upon proven critical thinking principles,

  • Expand your skill set, distance yourself from the competition, and gain at least some of the recognition you deserve . . .

. . . this course and certification is for you.

If you are a division director or department manager…
…maybe you don’t need the certification? But what about your people, your teams?

Do you know for a fact that their troubleshooting skills are fully up-to-speed? That your people can’t think more clearly, quickly and systematically?

They’ll love the fact that you are investing in them, and you’ll love their improved performance and all the results they produce.

If knowing the concepts and methods are more important to you personally than the certificate, then just do the online training and look at the coaching aspect of the certificate as an optional extra. (Do the whole certification package to upgrade your competence to best support your people.)

As one who hires new employees you already know how important certifications are to the hiring process and in finding the best candidates for your job openings.

Check out this course for possible adoption within your department. You can quickly create a dramatic improvement in what you and your people can do.

So, if you want to:
• Save time and improve effectiveness

  • Boost team engagement and job satisfaction,
    • Increase their thinking clarity,
    • Enable your team to think together and document problems and track their root causes,
    • Eliminate guessing,

And …

  • Make meaningful changes to methods, policies and systems,
    . . . this course is for you, too.

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How does this certificate process work?

We offer a step-by-step pay as you learn approach. Candidates move through certification sequence at their own pace, paying for each step as they go. You only move ahead if you are satisfied with the former step, the one you just completed.

Step-by-Step Guarantee

We broke the process into bite-sized steps, so you can verify value as you go. Your evaluation of each step assures that you are receiving value as you work through the process. If you are satisfied with a Step, signal this by the purchase of the next Step. But, if you complete a step and are dissatisfied, STOP, then ask for a refund via email. No hard feelings. Just send an email and get a full credit on your last credit card charge. We will part friends! No questions asked and nothing for you to return.

The whole Troubleshooter I Certificate sequence is described below. Complete these Phases in sequence. Each payment point is a step along your journey to mastery.

Phase I: Web-based Training

The online training component of the Troubleshooter I certification process is composed of three self-paced modules for purchase as separate courses. The suggested order is 1a, 1b, 1c or 1c, 1a, 1b. Complete all three steps below before moving on to Phase II.

  • Module 1a: Problem Inventory ($479)
  • Module 1b: Problem Solving ($497)
  • Module 1c: Tracking Root Cause ($479)


Phase II: Systematic Problem-Solving Text

Purchase the reference text package. Familiarize yourself with the text book and job aids before moving on to Phase III.

Your Systematic Problem-Solving detailed text package ($197) includes:
1) the Digital Problem-Solving Workbook – an Excel template you will use with your coach,
2) the Troubleshooter Notepad for guiding the collection of information in the field or on the phone,
3) and the BPI detailed text with these chapters:

  • Problem Inventory.
  • Problem-Solving.
  • Tracking Root Cause.
  • Supplemental Articles (#s 1-16).

Phase III: Three Applications w/ Coaching (sequence 3a, 3b, 3c, one at a time, in sequence)

  • 3a. Problem #1 Analysis w/ Coaching ($227)
  • 3b. Problem #2 Analysis w/ Coaching ($217)
  • 3c. Problem #3 Analysis w/ Coaching ($207)

Demonstrate your understanding and uncover areas needing help or refinement. Applying your new skills to a series of three job related problems is the most important aspect of the certification process. We provide you with a custom Excel digital Problem Solving Workbook. You will use this workbook to complete your analysis of a current problem and receive feedback from your expert coach using our 23-point expert’s check list. You will use this same checklist to check your own work before submission. After each submission, your coach will provide expert tips on how to improve your analysis with tailored feedback. This coaching process has proven to validate and refine candidate mastery and prepare

them well for their role as an independent expert Troubleshooter. Use the digital workbook to document the problem’s impact, true cause and to track root cause.

Phase IV: Recognition – Certificate, Expert Badge, Impact Archive, BPI Reference Offer

  • 4a. Troubleshooter I Certificate The online course training records prove your knowledge of the troubleshooter concepts, your analysis of three (3) problems checked by an expert verifies you have valuable job application skills.
  • 4b. BPI Reference Offer. A record of your certification work is kept at the BPI Research & Development office. We will attest to your competencies via email.
  • 4c. Impact Archive. Prepare an impact archive for your Electronic Workbooks. The three problems completed for the certificate will be your first deposits. On the first data entry page of each problem analysis form (Problem Statement sheet) the problem’s estimated impact is entered. We use a projected 18 months’ time frame, the standard management time horizon, for estimates. Having this on hand for summarizing is an impressive way to show your ability to add value as a troubleshooter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: “How do I begin?”

A1: Click any of the “MEMBER – portal” links in this document. You will be directed to enroll as a website member by sharing your name and email. Membership gives you access to the Member Portal and the three available online Courses of Study including the Troubleshooter-I Certificate.

Q2: “Am I guaranteed to get certified if I participate in the program?”

A2: No. A certification that can be purchased and not earned is worthless. Our courses are challenging because troubleshooting can be challenging. The good news is that it is better to fail to be certified than to fail on the job. Plus, you are protected with our step-by-step guarantee. Pay for each step as you go. After completion of a step, evaluate if you think that step is worth what you paid, if yes then continue, if not, email us to ask for a refund and stop. Nothing to return, nothing extra to do.

Q3: “How long will it take to finish the course and receive my certification?”

A3: The short answer is “it depends”. The range will likely be between 9-18 hours of study and application with time added to receive your text book via the U.S. mail.

Most people will take three calendar weeks spreading out 12-18 hours of study and applications like this:

Sample Sequence follows.
(your work is ALL self-paced, so this example is hypothetical):

  • Week I: 6-8 hours of self-paced web-based training, (three modules)
  • Week II. Order and await arrival of your text and two job aids,
  • Week III. +, gain approvals for your analysis of three job-related problems – an estimated 6 hours of work

How much coaching and remedial work you may benefit from is unknown. We allow three cycles of submission –> feedback –> resubmission for each problem to bring your understanding up to standard using every problem as a learning opportunity. If the first problem takes 3 submissions, the subsequent 2 problems usually take less because of the clarification gained from the first problem.

Q4: “How long do I have to complete the course of study once I start.”

A4: You can easily complete the 9-18 hours of actual work within two weeks, but we guarantee you will have up to 6 months, if you want. If you want more time, alert us and we will work something out for you.

Q5: How fast will the coach return my submissions?

A5: Based on 1,500 problem submissions in our most recent project, we have a 99+% record of 24-hour turnaround or less. We don’t promise 24-hours, we promise a 48-hour turnaround. You can make the turnaround go faster by always using the expert checklist before submitting your work and by following the procedural guidelines we will be sending you.

Q6: “What is the problem submission and feedback process with the coach?”

A6: The purpose of this aspect of certification is to make the jump from learning concepts to real life applications. The best way to do this is to do it with the

help of an expert guide. The analysis of any real work problem will reveal misunderstandings which your coach can spot and remediate immediately for you. This will be the most valuable part of your training, learning lessons that are just not available with concept learning alone.

Our coaching process involves each Candidate in analyzing a problem from their work situation using our Excel Electronic Workbook. The Workbook file is submitted to the coach for review and comment. The coach identifies any procedural or conceptual misunderstandings providing feedback to the candidate. The analysis is returned to the candidate with explanations and instructions for improving the work.

The candidate does not redo the whole analysis but need only focus on suggested area(s) highlighted by the coach. The candidate, given a new understanding, adjusts and re-submits. This 2nd submission is reviewed by the coach who may add a further comment about the new work. A third submission may be done, and a final review completed by the coach. Accepting the candidate’s analysis in 1,2 or 3 submissions means the coach is satisfied that the candidate understands the necessary procedures or concept(s) sufficiently to move on to their next problem application and possible new learnings.

Remedial information may be recommended by the coach after any submission to improve a candidate’s understanding and prowess.

Q7: What’s the difference between your approach and the troubleshooting approaches commonly associated with “equipment”.

A7: Our approach is not limited to any one type of problem or equipment. It is a generally applicable approach that uses the description facts, logic and your judgment to generate high quality potential causes and to find and verify the true cause. Our approach works equally well on people performance issues, behaviors of all kinds, machines, systems, and processes. We have success in all industries from Insurance to Manufacturing, even Schools.

Q8: What about the quality improvement tools like Fishbone, Brainstorming, Control charts, Paretto charts, Process maps, Scatter plots, Five Whys and so forth?

A8: Most of these other tools are missing key critical thinking functions such as how to develop high quality potential causes, or how to logically scrub (converge upon) the most likely cause(s). They are data collection and organizing tools and some are creativity tools. We incorporate the Five Whys procedure within our root cause tracking system but Five Whys by itself is just, well, five whys. We also can integrate the Fishbone questions to develop potential causes, but we improve the structure of the questions to generate higher quality potential causes.

You will master how to evaluate any list of potential causes using logic and your best judgment to find the Most Likely Cause based on the known facts.

Q9. How difficult are the web-based courses?

A9. Although rigorous, almost everyone scores 90%+ on these lessons. The minimum acceptable score to pass is 75%. They are self-paced. So, we recommend that you take your time. Read carefully and fully understand each question. The questions and feedback themselves can be educational because key principles are always included and reviewed as you continue.

Q10. What is the design of the web-based courses?

A10. BIG PICTURE: The WBT courses are divided into individual concept lessons (preparation) of one or two screens with immediate testing and feedback and 2nd chance opportunities to test your understanding. Videos show the big picture through demonstration of the whole method on a case study. We recommend you watch the video associated with the concepts before diving into the detail within any section.


  1. Each concept is introduced with a lesson using one or two screens of information.
  2. Next, a test question assesses your understanding of the concept.
  3. IF your Answer is Correct: you receive feedback and continue to the next concept.
  4. IF the Answer is Incorrect: you receive an explanation to correct your under-standing, then another question to allow you to demonstrate concept mastery .
  5. FYI: There is no penalty for missing any of the teaching questions. The exam questions are the ones that earn a passing score.)
  6. Videos: are used to demonstrate application of the whole thinking process to a case study and short videos feature key aspects of each sub-concept.

The MEMBER PORTAL is open to one and all.  No registration 
and the Troubleshooter-I Certificate.

Q11 What are the real reasons to believe you can do what you promise?

A11 Here are six reasons to believe we will do what we say. First, there is the length of our experience: same specialty, tens of thousands of participants taught, with direct applications to real problems in every workshop we teach.

Second, our Return On Investment Offer which applies to all standard critical thinking or problem solving workshops: “We will generate a 10X ROI for the sponsoring organization. Recovery of all costs (materials, instructor fees, participant’s salaries for one day and all travel) guaranteed or the workshop is free. This is based solely on the problems volunteered within the workshop itself. We have never lost on this offer!

Third, Our Breadth of Experience: We’ve worked successfully resolving problems in every major industry (government, high tech, automotive, financial services, insurance, banking, software, pharmaceutical, biotech, petrochemical, utilities, petroleum, transportation, . . .) & a full range of organizational levels and target groups (executives, managers, cross-functional teams, technical experts, green belts and black belts and more).

Fourth, Top Organizations: We have helped target groups of employees perform better by thinking better in many of the world’s most successful organizations (e.g. Ball Aerospace, Daimler Truck, GM, IBM, Union Bank, Solar Turbines, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Genzyme, Goodyear, eBay, Novartis, Adobe Systems, Shell Oil USA, Exxon, S. California Edison, Shea Homes, Motorola, Pacific Life, Stanford University, Sony Electronics, USC Leadership Academy (hospital cohort program), Verizon Wireless, Zenith, to name a few).

Fifth, is this list of unsolicited Personal Endorsements:

“Being able to layout your thought process and visually demonstrate how you arrived at a conclusion lends tremendous credibility…Within a few minutes, a decision was made, and needless on-going debates were avoided.”
-Joanne O’Neill, IBM

“The training was largely attended by mechanical engineers and project managers and many stated that this was the best training … they had experienced.”
-Robin Carajal, Executive Director of ETI.


“By asking a few simple questions you’re able to control the focus, to uncover the root cause of a problem and find a true corrective action.”
-Craig C., Supplier Quality, Black Belt, major international mfg.

“I attended the two-day critical thinking workshop in 2007 and have used the (methods) for problem solving and decision making numerous times over the years. I … rate course as one of my all-time bests.”
-Director, Strategic Operations, at a major Telecom company.

“The (BPI) process used to conduct RCA (Root Cause Analysis) is gaining ever greater reputation at the most senior level.”

  • Andrew, Senior internal consultant, Pharmaceutical industry.

“The programs in Belgium were very well received. The quote of the day, ‘We have studied this problem many times, and yet in a little over an hour, we uncovered more data and facts than we could have imagined. The group, all of whom were Quality Professionals, became both converts and advocates (as I later discovered).”

  • Senior Internal Consultant, BioTech company

Sixth, your final real reason to believe is our step-by-step guarantee.

Website MEMBER – Free
As a website MEMBER you can access the MEMBER PORTAL
and the Troubleshooter-I Certificate Course of Study.

Troubleshooter-I Certificate

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