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HRD Consulting with your customer

Training’s Curse? Get rid of the “Cut costs here!” training curse.
Tired of being the go-to-place management heads to cut costs? Your department can gain recognition, rewards and influence by becoming thinking process experts. There is one missing job performance skill holding you and your HRD team back when it comes to making a difference with internal customers, and getting the recognition you deserve. That’s thinking facilitation. Thinking facilitation can increase the HRD team’s perceived value overnight (almost!) Make certainty and clarity something you can deliver to EVERYONE! The need is there waiting to be filled. That’s job security and a great opportunity for you in terms of massive job satisfaction, too.

Become A Trusted Advisor.
Your job transformation from a ‘training administrator’ to ‘trusted advisor’ can be achieved surprisingly easily. Just providing a list of training classes in a catalogue has never sufficed for job security or influence. Learn how to win the respect and confidence of your internal customers and become a valued resource to your management.
If you have joined the revolution in Human Resource Development, you’ve seen expectations change from managing a training function to playing a role in helping units make lasting and significant organizational change. Now you’ve got a place at the table with the operational units and the good news is they need your help! The really good news is that breaking out of the training boutique mode can create an important, successful, secure and satisfying career complete with better financial security.
You can gain an edge; one that will give you CONFIDENCE and PEACE OF MIND – the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re helping others. Imagine being able to walk into any meeting with the confidence and poise needed to facilitate the team to thinking in a fresh and powerful way. You can become the THINKING PROCESSS CONSULTANT not just the expert of the training list. BPI has conducted Critical Thinking workshops successfully for many of the world’s best companies including: Merck, Johnson & Johnson, Chrysler, GM, Daimler Truck, Solar Turbine, eBay, Bank of Tokyo, Union Bank, Mutual of Omaha, Genzyme, IBM and many more.

Here’s what many HRD & TRAINING leaders say about these tools:

“I am amazed at the power contained in just
a few good questions!”

  • Talent Development consultant – Banking Corporation

“Much more satisfying. We now work facilitating
a deep understanding of reality.”

  • HRD consultant – Manufacturing Organization

“We are getting involved early making a difference in how each project is done from the beginning.”

  • Training Director – Pharmaceutical Company

“We often get involved facilitating problem solving or decision making teams. Thank YOU!
We needed this! PERFECT”

  • HRD Director – Hi Tech Systems Company

“Work is much more fun & interesting. I am excited about really making a difference.”

  • Training consultant – Insurance Company

“We used to be very reluctant to push back when a unit demanded a training solution to an incentive problem but now we can help them think it all through convincing themselves of the right thing to do and earning full buy-in.”

  • Talent Development Manager – Telecom Company

TWO WORKSHOP OPTIONS: Host the BPI Critical Thinking: Consulting w/ Your Customer Workshop for your HRD staff so all can learn the processes for leading others from confusion to clarity. Become recognized as valued internal resource in the bargain.

Alternatively, offer a standard Critical Thinking for Leaders workshop for some of your internal customers and have key members of your HRD staff attend to learn these same processes. Is this training for you and your staff? Explore the videos on our website or try one of our web-based courses. To learn how expert thinking facilitators help teams analyze issues watch these bonus videos and read these articles from our website:

Bonus #1: From Member video section* “Fog of Complexity (10’)” learn the best QUESTION we’ve found to blow away vagueness and return a clear focus on reality!

Member video* = There are two videos reserved for Troubleshooter Members. Becoming a member is free. It requires your first name and email address! Members can access all audio tracks from 11 posted videos and podcasts, troubleshooter articles, our online training curriculum list of courses, and the Troubleshooter-I Certificate Training Plan.

Bonus #2: Also from the “Fog of Complexity” video, learn a second breakthrough QUESTION for the evaluation of any potential cause using logic and the available facts. Use what is already known to avoid dead-ends, and false trails.

Bonuses #3-#5: Read this series of “Five Why” articles on the Member Site. They explain the best definition of ROOT CAUSE and how it can lead to the better, more informed, corrective actions.
a. Root Cause and the Five Whys
b. Five Better Whys
c. Three Legged Five Whys – A Step Forward?

Bonus #6: The second member only video is Decision Speed as a Strategic Asset (13.5’) highlights the research about what organizational structure creates and supports the critical competitive advantage – decision speed.
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