Self-Paced Lessons

Our entire critical thinking framework is now available in self-paced online lessons that are available for purchase by members only. Go to the member portal, enroll as a member, and learn more.

Here are just a few options this teaching mode enables:

  1. Method to introduce the critical thinking concepts to any target group.
  2. Coaches can now easily assign targeted lessons to build mastery of internal experts.
  3. Preparing participants for full participation in an ad hoc problem solving or decision making meeting.
  4. As a Post-test with full remediation following a standard classroom workshop.
  5. Between session work assigned by the workshop instructor to build deeper competence.

We have three major online courses that mirror our standard one-day workshops. PLUS we also offer access to individual modules from these online courses for better targeting of the lessons.

Systematic Problem Solving

» Systematic Problem Solving (3-4 hours)
Includes ALL three modules: Problem Inventory, Problem Solving, Root Cause Analysis, & Supplemental Reading. Or select from the individual modules below:

» Problem Inventory (60-90 minutes)
» Problem Solving (90-120 minutes)
» Root Cause Analysis (30-60 minutes)

Systematic Decision Making

» Systematic Decision Making (2.5-3.5 hours)
Includes these elements: Concern Analysis, Decision Making, & Supplemental Reading. Or select from the individual modules below:

» Concern Analysis (60-90 minutes)
» Decision Making (90-120 minutes)

Systematic Project Management

» Systematic Project Management (2.5-3.5 hours)
Includes all three phases: Agree, Think Through, & DO. Or you may select one of these individual modules:

» Agree (60-90 minutes)
» Think Through (45-75 minutes)
» Do (20-40 minutes)