Troubleshooter I Certificate

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What could you possibly add to your technical knowledge and years of experience to dramatically improve your troubleshooting performance?

Answer: Mastery of a thinking technology distilled from some of the world’s best problem solvers and validated with over 35 years of on-the-job use.

We help troubleshooters get to the core of any problem, big or small, technical or service-based, faster and more directly than ever, even when the problem is a big hairy mess and is stumping all the experts! Reveal the root. Knowing how a problem came into existence is essential to figuring out what to do about it and find the best way to fix it, permanently. Use a systematic process. The explosion of information, the pace of change and accompanying short shelf-life of relevant experience, make having a meta-strategy a critical career asset. Know what questions to ask and why. Make the best possible use of your knowledge, experience and judgment in a logical and focused manner. Do it naturally and with stunning results! Increase the value you bring to your organization ten-fold with an improved ability to guide your thinking and the thinking of others.


You will progress step-by-step, earning your certificate as follows.

[1] WBT Teach & Test

Contact us so you can go online and complete the Systematic Problem Solving web-based course. This will require 3-4 hours of online work, and is self-paced. You will be able to gain an in-depth understanding of the Problem Inventory, Problem Solving and Root Cause Tracking processes. The WBT program includes key lessons on 21 concepts, including advanced concepts not taught in our workshops, with immediate tests of understanding, feedback, and retest opportunities for any missed concept.

[2] Analyze Three Problems with one-on-one expert coaching

The certification process includes application of Problem Solving and Root Cause Analysis to three of your job-related problems. You will receive feedback and one-on-one expert coaching all the way through this process using the BPI Problem Solving electronic workbook. The workbook documents your analysis and makes sharing your results a simple matter - just send your analysis as an email attachment, or print it out. Your coach will find and correct any misunderstandings you might have and teach powerful insights into how best to solve the toughest problems. Avoid dead ends and false trails, find the true cause of problems quickly.


In the Troubleshooter Certificate I Program you will learn to:

  • Objectively define any problem.
  • Learn when to group or to separate individual problems and set priorities.
  • Follow a systematic process to specify the boundaries of any problem.
  • Develop potential causes of the highest quality.
  • Quickly determine the most likely cause using the available facts.
  • Test to verify the true cause and stop trial and error thinking.
  • Systematically reveal the root cause.
  • To check and verify the logical flow of your root cause analysis.

Contact to enroll in the Troubleshooter Certificate I Program and to be assigned an expert BPI coach.