College Seniors - Critical Thinking Certificates

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Now you can earn 1, 2 or 3 critical thinking certificates, online, working at your own pace. Select the certificate(s) that match the job requirements of the position you seek! Show up at your interview with certificates in hand, ready to impress!

For the first time, we have ALL our critical thinking content available in concise self-study courses:

Systematic Problem Solving - identify, prioritize and establish the true cause and root cause of any type problem (product, service, process or people).

Systematic Decision Making - learn how to work from vague statements of concern to targeting specific, factual issues. Prioritize these issues and identify those issues that require decision analysis. Evaluate the decision situation, developing a complete report that maps the logic of your suggestion clearly and completely. (Plus- this is an excellent tool for deciding what job offer to accept, too!)

Systematic Project Management - a.k.a. Project Management for Mere Mortals! Supplies a simple three phase approach to defining, planning and implementing any project. As a new employee, will you be on project teams? You bet! Project teams are formed anytime a manager decides on what to change. As a new employee, you will get a "work package" assignment for you alone or in concert with others, part of your contribution to the overall implementation. How you demonstrate your competence in project management could earn you a more important work assignment and launch your career path from there.

Get a 35+ year jump on the competition! Our online courseware is equivalent to three full days of workshops. Updated versions of the same workshops we've conducted for government, business, and the military sectors since 1977. We put our more than 35 years of experience into teaching exactly what is needed to systematically solve problems, make decisions and create plans.

Answer "What if ... " questions! When your interviewer turns to you and asks:

"Here is a hypothetical situation.
How would you approach it?"

You'll be able to lay out the logic needed to fully understand any situation and make a rational recommendation. In short, you will be able to demonstrate you can think "practically" and far beyond what even your most accomplished student competitors will be able to do when put on the spot.

Get a head start! This is what we teach battle-tested, long time employees of organizations to do. Solve problems, make decisions and implement projects. These methods work in any organizational environment when being wrong is not an option. Why learn them the hard way? (trial and error / guess and fail). Learn them from us.

These thinking processes have a pedigree that includes almost four decades of success in challenging business settings in all major industries, in both the public and private sectors.

It's time to be proactive about winning the job you want. Employers are making it clear they want people who are good thinkers. Give them a reason to believe that you are that person. You should be very excited about all the possibilities. Would it be worth the effort?

Consider these three questions to estimate the value of this training for you:

  1. What would it be worth to you to get the job you want?
    FYI: The University of Melbourne found students with critical thinking skills earned an average first-year salary premium of A$7,500!
  2. The value of making a good first impression with your new work team and manager (estimate the value $).
  3. What would you be willing to do to get your dream job and get off to a great start on your career? (estimate value $).

Now, sum up all the estimated values for 1,2 and 3 above and add a dollar value estimate for future benefits, too; for being able to use and hone these skills day after day, year after year, gaining more and more skill and producing a growing and impressive track record carried forward into your future helping you succeed, getting new promotions; salary bumps; and job opportunities you can't predict now.

The only real job security is
your competence!

Right now, practical critical thinking skills are exactly what private and public sector employers want. According to a Wall Street Journal report an study found since 2009 mentions of critical thinking have doubled in job postings.

You can earn each certificate online for just $197. The price has never been lower. The leverage of the internet has made this low price possible.

100% Money back guarantee. You decide if you got your money's worth. If YES, we will immediately issue your certificate. If NO, we'll keep the certificate and refund your money, part as friends, no questions asked.

We recommend that you begin with the Systematic Problem Solving course (estimated 3.5 hours online). You'll have 6 months to complete 3-10 hours of online work and earn 1, 2, or 3 certificates. If you need more time we will discuss this with you and see what might be done to accommodate you.